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Certain Domains Configured & Served Free By Berklix.Com

Some Domains Have A Footer same or similar to the Footer at the bottom of this page.

  • These domains, Julian H. Stacey of Vector Systems Ltd has configured & serves free.
    • Either free because it's of interest to Julian H. Stacey &/or Vector Systems Ltd &/or site providers , &/or public source code projects, or because the group is a non-profit local club of particular interest to JHS.
    • Or free just until the domain owners build their businesses, earn some money, & pay something ( some of which JHS would happily volunteer to facility providers).
  • Software Tools.
    • We expect you to use free public domain software with free source code to edit & upload your web site to Berklix servers.
    • If you use commercial binary programs that run on Microsoft, that's exclusively your own self imposed problem, not ours !
      We are Not Free consultants for Microsoft users.
      • Pay us Berklix at commercial rate Computer Consultancy, if you want our time. We Berklix do not waste our time unpaid, explaining protocols services & interfaces that run fine with client PCs running both Unix (inc. FreeBSD, Linux etc or Microsoft, uploading to Unix servers.
      • Do Not ask us Berklix for free advice if some commercial package you fancy on MS will work. We Berklix neither know nor care - Go check your software vendor's web site you Paid them to purchase a Sellable product, so demand support from who you paid.
      • Escape Microsoft & use Free Software ! then we Berklix & many others may likely be motivated to help.
  • Tips for Microsoft addicts
    • To Extract Tar Format
      Example: a 20 Meg x-cart-5.1.10-en.tgz is of type: "gzip compressed POSIX tar archive (GNU)"
      I know an MS user who managed to read that 2015-02, he probably used 7Zip, (no I have no URL for that)

      A tar program has been on every Unix (eg BSD, Linux etc) since or before maybe 1983 or so. Tar.exe has been available for MS for 20+ years (@2015). If looking for tar.exe to run on Microsoft (Ugh!) try here:

      To Debug Data:
      Vim is a Unix style programmers editor (like Vi) that can show everything, useful for debugging, unlike editors most Microsoft end users use. Consider downloading a copy ready for next time you get stuck & can't see what a file really contains.
      "Portability to all UNIX platforms, AmigaOS, Archimedes, Atari MiNT, BeOS, M$-DOS, MacOS, OS/2, VMS, WinNT+Win95."
      To Create Web Pages:
      • Many word processors etc export in HTML format.
      • HTML web pages offer reduced formatting possibilities compared with word processors, some adjustment are not possible.
        You can learn HTML by trial and error. Or be more analytical, & learn what HTML supports, thus what your editor can be expected to try to export.
        Here is what HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) 3.2 supports.
        View your HTML in several different browsers to check what different browsers present.
      • Mozilla is not just a browser, but can also create web pages. As can netscape & others.
      • Notepad, the simplest of text editors, from MS.
        Rec. from
        pas@ reports: "was immediately lost in obscure HTML code so I would never consider composing a page in it, but i was able quickly and neatly to amend a site header"
      • Open Office For a simple HTML page , it is a good tool but it is not the best with tables. Rec. from
      • Star Office & others also support HTML export.
      • MS-Word: A Version pas@ has tried does not support export in HTML format. JHS has heard newer Word supports HTML format. Whether true don't know. Mail me & tell Berklix the version number if you want.
      • Word Perfect: Version pas@ tried does support export in HTML format .
    • To Upload Web Pages
      • Don't ask Berklix if your software package is supported. We Berklix have no idea or interest.
      • Just ensure your software offers at least FTP (File Transfer Protocol), but preferably SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) upload
      • We Berklix provide SFTP upload.
      • (We Berklix do Not offer TFTP = Trivial File Transfer Protocol to users, & you are very unlikely to want it).
      • Use SSH & SFTP capable remote login & web page up-loader client tools to maintain your pages. We Berklix have no interest in degrading our (& your) security by allowing rlogin without ssh, or FTP access for domain owners who aren't paying us Berklix money.
      • BSD & Linux of course come with ssh & sftp included.
      • SFTP program should come standard with a modern Unix eg FreeBSD Linux etc.
      • Free public domain & commercial SFTP client programs exist, Lots for Microsoft:
        • As ever if you are running Microsoft binaries, think about where you are down loading programs From, viruses, & if you trust that site.
        • If you use a search engine to find them, with keywords such as "ssh.exe", "sftp.exe", or "ssh and sftp",
        • DO NOT just type in eg "sftp.exe" & download whatever comes up ! (Think viruses etc)
        • Look at where that site offering the .exe says they get the source code from, (even if you don't understand what source code IS or how to use it !) Thin what they might have added. Think what a virused compiler might have added.
        • Then use a search engine to find the most plausible site of author or group who claim to write the source code.
        • Then from that source code site only, follow direct links only to sites they the source code writers recommend, for binary programs compiled from their sources to run on eg Microsoft.
        • Ensure the [SHA-512, MD5 or other] checksums match.
        • PuTTY Offers SFTP (= Secure FTP). It is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. Putty is a command line tool. Good for Unix people familiar with CLI type FTP, Who are temporarily cursed to upload from an MS PC.
          Author of didn't get on with it.
        • CoreFTP allows encrypted uploading that works completely fine with Berklix's servers.
          A graphical (not CLI=Command Line Interpreter) tool. Rec. by
        • FileZilla: "It supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS). Support for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is not implemented in FileZilla Server"

    • Other Software
      Free Software offers lots of ways to escape Microsoft Extra notes here.
  • Domains have extra functionality also available for purchase by our commercial domains.
  • Free domains have restrictions & mandatory requirements you Must abide with:
    • Free domains aren't available for strangers, so don't ask. There are particular reasons each domain is served free.
    • Business in start up phase, Domain owner will volunteer to pay money later when/ if turnover improves.
    • Give credit in some way to Berklix & or associate support companies & personnel or free software organisations, on main & some sub pages eg scattered URLs or Logos In Footers, whoever you want
    • Contribute back in some way, perhaps by giving credit via click-able URLs, paying cash, linking business pages, or contributing to the businesses & or public free source code projects who all support domain serving.
    • If as a convenience I supply my name & address for registration of your domain, you Must keep me updated with your current address, phone fax & email etc for forwarding. This is a registrar's requirement, fail & your domain can be struck off.
    • Do promptly acknowledge receipt of email headed eg "I write this as your domain hosting provider. Please confirm receipt." Doesn't need to be long, but do reply. If I give valuable time & resources to run your domain free, & you ignore me, & don't reply, I should save time & resources by dumping domains.
    • Do not be hostile to the objectives of free public source code projects - Example: Do Not provide data only in Microsoft proprietary format. Even if you sell hardware that needs executables that only run on Microsoft (bad enough!), & later buyers will need an MS box or tools to use your products (sad!). People, including public source code proponents, like to read product descriptions on line, using the software of their, not your choice, (& that might include BSD, Linux, VMS, Mac, or some old CP/M box, or might be a blind person running a text mode non graphical browser with custom interfaces that Do exist). If you only provide on line as product description, a manual in Microsoft proprietary format, that is Very Offensive, as it promotes the Microsoft monopoly, to even browse the web to find out what your product is.
  • Termination:
    • We Berklix may terminate without notice for breach of rules.
    • We Berklix may terminate with notice for any reason, (eg Perhaps because your business has grown & should now contribute something but does not.)
    • Berklix declines to waste valuable work time unpaid, to deconstruct an owner's domain. De-construction is in fact just another config change, wastes time & is not work to be demanded unpaid, but work we Berklix may choose to do if/when We Berklix have time. (Premature de-construction could also disrupt owner's business, &/or might later be cited in a false complaint of unprofessional service termination, if you want professional time, Pay for it).
    • Domain Owner is solely responsible for any failure to designate any successor provider for Berklix to hand over to.
  • Domain certificates may document dates of warnings given of termination of service, where an owner may be idle, ignoring warnings, or similar.
  • Occasionally Berklix may register a domain for others, they're sometimes left in Berklix associate names for convenience. We (JHS, Berklix & Associates) all disclaim all responsibility for all domain content, (refer first to owner about that (try webmaster@whatever_domain ).
  • We (JHS, Berklix & Associates) disclaim any responsibility for business disruption to domain owners, users, customers, suppliers etc, when We Berklix occasionally terminate domains for eg { failure to abide by free provision conditions etc ( ) , failure to pay, or any other reason }. Unpaid domains have no contractural obligations on our side for continuance, content, reliability or anything else.
    We Berklix & our site providers expect some credit for configuring & serving domains free. We Berklix hope some of the small businesses we Berklix help may may make money & employ our commercial services later.
  • Domain owners can contract whoever they want (including or others) to serve their domains , but if leaving should tell us Berklix so We Berklix can adjust configurations. JHS might answer phone or email to confirm who owns domains. but JHS does not donate his time unpaid, to fill in forms for other providers or unpaid domain owners.
  • Full commercial service domains are also available, at commercial rates, with none of the above restrictions.

Logos In Footers

Logos at the foot of the various domain top pages indicate & lead to entities helping provide free service. The various domain's sub pages exhibit different degrees of compliance in continuing to express credit via a Footer. One domain owner is markedly more generous in giving credit than the others. That domain owner clearly most appreciates the free service provided, & will be last to be asked to pay least money, if ever. smiley face icon


The name servers, mail aliases, & web top pages are all served on 2/3 geographically disparate servers for resilience. The latest web sub pages is uploaded by the domain owner to a single server & is not yet automatically replicated to all servers. The fastest web server is not available until this automation work is done. The work is low priority, with no schedule available, these being free domains, & no free time being currently available. Payment accelerates such work ;-)

Commercial Services

Berklix.Com & its associate site providers can also provide commercial virtual & physical hosting, configuration, consultancy etc. Our prime business is consultancy. We Berklix provide specialist solutions to companies for individual project bills worth taking the time to individually write.

We do Not compete with down market, cheap, robotised, German language operated, standardised restrictive, services offered in eg computer magazines to individuals & tiny companies on minimal budgets. We Berklix do not run software (or manual processes) to issue & collect tiny bills to lots of people, we prefer to offer free service, so long as its not time consuming. We Berklix do not deal with our customers by many impenetrable [advert laden] web forms. With Berklix you get highly skilled busy humans, English speaking (or German too if needed), not a cheap restrictive form to a robot. Please don't contact us for an offer in the ultra cheap few euros a month price bracket smiley face icon
Serious Business Enquiries Welcome


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